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Spectrum Hand Blown Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

Spectrum Hand Blown Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • “When color brings color to life.”  The Spectrum Hand Blown Chandelier is a gorgeous chandelier that utilizes the traditional Murano blown glass style and full color palette.  It’s a decorative, yet contemporary lighting fixture that consist of red, gold, amber, purple and a blend of blue hues.  It’s an impressive and diverse design that brings life and color to your décor though the usage of color and the multitude of stems and horns, and knobby curly forms.  This chandelier is sophisticated and fun, and gives a very unique source of functional lighting.  This energetic focal point will bring a lively vigor and intensity to your décor.  Like a delightful rainbow after a Summer afternoon rain, this fixture provides a bio-luminescence that occurs as the flared light radiates out in an ensemble of individual glass pieces from the illuminated center – thus producing what appears to be a flared pulse.


  • With the Spectrum Hand Blown Chandelier, the bio-luminescence that occurs makes its selection of color extremely special.  Although it possesses an adjustable chandelier chain, it is recommended to install this from a tall ceiling where it can be admired at a distance.  


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