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Pink Heart Hand Blown Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

Pink Heart Hand Blown Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • “The color pink makes everything look pretty.”  The Pink Heart Hand Blown Chandelier is a romantic and charming light fixture with a feminine profile.  This chandelier mimics the shape of the traditional glass blown Murano with a few modern twist and turns.  It consist of curly spikes, knobby curls and elegant color scheme of pink, bright yellow and near clear blown glass.  This rare combination of color and modern design was crafted by hand, features an interior cage, and a high provide structure with an encased and illuminated central column that gives this chandelier its shine and luster.  From top to bottom, and along the contour, a collection of frosted glass, amber and floral colored gradients provide a youthful and fashionable warmth to your home. 


  • Installing the Pink Heart Hand Blown Chandelier in your home, shares your personal sense of style, while creating an ambiance and atmosphere that is intimate, warm, and unforgettable.  This uniquely crafted fixture has a mid body frame that takes on a presence of its own.  It works perfectly as a centerpiece for your featured space and a colorful addition to your personal study. 
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