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Flared Pulse Hand Blown Glass Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

Flared Pulse Hand Blown Glass Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • “Rediscover your originality, and dare to add your own flare.”  Delivery illuminated warmth and character to your home or any space with the Flared Pulse Chandelier from the Hand Blown Glass Collection.  This energetic focal point will bring a lively vigor and intensity to your décor.  Like an exotic creature from the deep sea, this fixture provides a bio-luminescence that occurs as the flared light radiates out in an ensemble of individual glass pieces from the illuminated center – thus producing what appears to be a flared pulse.  Hand crafted using an assortment of traditional techniques for hand blown Murano glass, this contemporary light fixture combines elements of both, Western and Eastern art and functional design for your setting. 


  • When you install the Flared Pulse Hand Blown Glass Chandelier in your home, you’re sharing your personal sense of style, while creating an ambiance and atmosphere that is intimate, warm, and unforgettable.  This uniquely crafted fixture has a long lively frame that takes on a presence of its own.  It works perfectly as a centerpiece for your home and a colorful addition to your foyer. 
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