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European Champagne Flute Glass Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

European Champagne Flute Glass Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • Introducing the European Champagne Flute Glass Chandelier – a dynamic, fluid, and modern work of art that will leave you intoxicated with its stylistic brilliance.  This fixture was inspired by the Murano Blown Glass Collection, but crafted with a contemporary appeal.  Possessing 16 lights of functional illumination, this lustre isn’t simply for show, but will brighten your home in more ways than one.  Large champagne colored flutes act as chandelier branches, extending out from the its bilateral symmetric center column frame, delivering measured amounts of light throughout the entire glass contour.  Additionally, this piece is adorned with subtle chrome finished accents that deliver a premium effect on this intriguing fixture.  Wonderful illuminating power and innovative design help make this a must have for any modern interior designer or contemporary home.


  • The European Champagne Flute Glass Chandelier offers a unique design that will definitely complement any modern décor.  Its balanced lighting display and burly frame make it suitable for any standard and tall ceiling.  Install this fixture in your living room as a centerpiece or make an immediate impression by mounting it along the interior entryway of your home.
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