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Da Vinci Supreme Crystal Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

Da Vinci Supreme Crystal Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • Introducing the Da Vinci Supreme Crystal Chandelier – a multi-faceted, visually stunning and eclectic work of art.  Inspired by the genius of the great Florentine, this well constructed fixture is the work of passion for some of the worlds most renowned artisans.  A grand-scale version with a total of 40 lights along the translucent candelabra, this model will stand as a decorative and functional art composition in your home.  Originally made to match the Art Deco style, it provides a wealth of wonderment in an assortment of interior surroundings.  The ripped and layered texture of the lustre works itself from the bottom finial, to the highest extended chandelier branch.  Each arm arched outwards, allowing the incandescent lighting within crystal tube horns to serve as funnel for lighting throughout the clear crystal silhouette.  The branches visually come together at the bottom chandelier base bowl, which produces an intimate illumination, adding to the brilliance of the entire fixture, and into your home.


  • The Da Vinci Supreme Crystal Chandelier adds a modern contemporary and glamorous profile to your décor, and would look simply marvelous suspended over a plush dining room table, living room, or personal den.
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