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Apollo White Crystal Glass Chandelier - Grand Entrance Chandelier

Apollo White Crystal Glass Chandelier

Grand Entrance Chandelier

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  • The Apollo White Crystal Glass Chandelier is a stylistic and extravagant blossoming ball of elegance.  An all white palette can define a refine a soft, vintage space or sleek modern décor within a blink of an eye.  This conversation starter was handcrafted from the Bohemia region, and designed by some of the worlds most proficient glass blowers.  This lustre took the natural beauty of a still shot floral and finished it in a clean, high end white gloss, for a look that is both retro and modern. Certainly a decorative piece, this chandelier provides more than its share of functional lighting.  Possessing an impressive 106 tiny incandescent bulbs neatly sprouted within the central column frame, this gem illuminates light through its highly detailed contour, which happens to be adorned with chrome polished accents. 


  • There’s undeniable magic when light fuses with white glass and chrome.  The Apollo White Crystal Glass Chandelier is everything you need to accentuate your décor to the next level.  Whether you have a featured space or living room that requires an upgrade – this piece is for you.
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